Important Information

  1. Health
  2. Health Guarantee
  3. Deposits
  4. After you make a deposit
  5. When will the puppy be ready to go?
  6. The essentials to have ready for your new baby
  7. Puppy proofing your place
  8. When puppy arrives
  9. Vet visits
  10. Parasites and deworming
  11. Hypoglycemia
  12. Housebreaking
  13. Bath time
  14. Last but not least


I have puppies vet checked around 7-8 weeks of age. They will be current on shots and deworming for their age. go to top

Health Guarantee

One year against hereditary or congenital defect. You must take your puppy to the vet within 3 days. Please see my suggestions for keeping your newborn puppy safe. go to top


If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me before making a deposit. Sometimes I'm already talking to someone about a certain puppy and I like to make sure two people aren't wanting the same puppy at the same time. I accept Money Order, Cashiers Check or Personal Check (with time to have it clear), Walmart Money Gram, or Western Union or Bank Wire Transfer. I do not accept credit cards at this time.

After you make a deposit

I'll have my webmaster mark the puppy as sold. If the puppy is very, very small when born, I'll try to get updated pictures for you. However I can't do that every week as time is limited for me. I travel quite a bit and take pictures for several small breeders. I spend a lot of time going to and from the vets office and airport and, most of all, I like to spend time with my own furbabies.  go to top

When will the puppy be ready to go?

That always depends on the puppy's size and how well they are eating on their own. Please keep in mind that puppies can be fragile. You really want to make sure they are ready to go. Remember they are leaving mom and siblings and traveling to a new home. The tiny ones take a little longer to wean from momma and get used to eating on their own. I can ship from 8 weeks of age and sometimes up to 12 weeks, depending on size. Occasionally, when the puppy is exceptionally tiny, I can't ship until after 12 weeks. However, if you are driving in or flying in, we may be able to arrange something else. Let's talk about it.  go to top

The essentials to have ready for your new baby

I suggest waiting until you get your puppy before getting a lot of outfits so you can better tell the size. Usually most people don't realize how small they can be. Also they will be growning into and will eventually outgrow most outfits. It's fun to dress them up, but I'd make sure first to get the essentials. See my potty training page for suggestions. go to top

Puppy proofing your place

Puppies love to chew. Look around for possibly dangerous things they could get into. Are their plants on the floor? Are their loose electric cords the puppy could easily get to? Are their stairs they could tumble down? (If so, you'll need a gate or some way to block stairs off until the puppy is big enough to climb up and down stairs.) For tiny ones I suggest a collar with a little bell on it, so you won't accidently step on him or her. Puppies can be quick, so you'll always want to know where they a near. Kids love puppies. However please don't leave children unsupervised with a small puppy. Accidents happen. A child may be loving and careful, but it doesn't take much to get excited and trip. I suggest you put the puppy in the child's lap when the puppy is sitting and let the child play with the puppy on the ground. go to top

When puppy arrives

Please let the puppy get plenty of rest when you first get them. It has been a long day for them and they are excited to go to their new home. Puppies need a lot of sleep/rest time. They might want to play for hours and it's cute and fun. However your puppy does need to recover from the trip. Please, please let them rest for several days, even if it means placing them in a part of the house where it's very quiet and little to no activity occurs. They need time to build back their little immune systems. It's a very important step in keeping a new puppy healthy. Never ever take them to the pet store, a park where other dogs have been, or out where they are on the ground, which unfortunately these days is full of bacteria and viruses. At 16 weeks they should have had all their shots, however even with that it's not really safe until their adult immune system kicks in. For teenie tiny ones I protect them even up to a year. Sorry if I sound overly protective but consides how tiny their little organs are. It's always better to be safe.

If they did make a little mess in the crate and a little got on them. It's best to just wash off that little place rather than rush home and give them a full bath the first day. go to top

Vet visits

Remember that the vet's office is a place where sick dogs and puppies go. Its one of the places you have to be extra careful at. When I go to the vet, I keep the puppies in their crates until they are ready to actually see the vet. I'm even picky about letting them touch the examination table without first laying down the newspaper I bring. I never let other people there pet my puppies or other puppies to lick or touch them.

I also never set the puppy crate on the floor. It doesn't weigh much, so I always hold the crate up off the floor or counter. All vet offices have disease on the floor. This is not a criticism of vets. Even if the floors are cleaned every night, the next morning people with sick dogs walk back on them. You never know what is being tracked in.

I never let a vet put a probe up a puppy without having a new throw away cover put on it. Often the instruments that touch your puppy will have touched several sick puppies or dogs. I suggest having a pack of covers - they only cost a couple of dollars - with you. Your vet might look at you funny, but who cares? You want to keep your new baby safe. The vet's office and groomer's office can be dangerous places to go, unless you take precautions.  go to top

Parasites and deworming

All puppies are born with worms. I start deworming at 2-3 weeks depending on size. A good deworming routine is a must. Talk to your vet about it and keep up with the routine you decide on. Your vet will be able to sell you a good worm medicine and give you the dose so you can easily do it at home. Remember your house is much safer than a vets office. Depending on the vets suggestion, it's good to deworm every few weeks until the puppy reaches a certain age. Then deworming need only occur a few times ayear.

Coccidia is something that ALL puppies and dogs have in their bowels. But it's only when immune system gets weakened that the Protozoahas have a chance to take hold and multiply. It is usually accompanied by a loose smelly stool that can have bloody mucus in it. Some vets may say that the puppy or dog is loaded with parasites however Coccidia is not exactly a parasite and can be gotten rid of and kept at bay. Treatment is a very low cost bottle of something called Albon that I always have on hand. It's around $10.00 for a large bottle of it. I also use a preventive called Marquis, on my puppies. It gets rid of several different things that a puppy could get. When you get your puppy and take him/her to the vet it's always good to have them checked out with a stool sample. Remember that they could show no signs of Coccidia when they leave here but, with the stress of going to a new home, it could flare up.  go to top


If you've been looking for a small puppy you may have read about hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. I don't have it happen often, as I take precaucions against it happening in the first place. However some tiny puppies are prone to Hypoglycemia.

You have to be very aware of it.

I like putting a little raw honey in a puppy's water. Raw honey is actually a natural antibiotic, and has good vitamins in it. You'll never see mold growing in a honey jar. Also, see my recomendations about puppy food.

If you ever do see your baby laying still and you know they aren't sleeping, it could be Hypoglycemia. But don't panic - just put a little honey or corn syrup or some kind of sweetner on their gums and they will probably will come out if it in 20-30 mintues. Do it asap and don't wait to take them to a vets office, you'll have plenty of time afterwards to do that. I've never lost a puppy that someone got from me and I don't want to start. That is one reason why I like to make sure they puppies are ready to go to their new home. Always leave food and fresh water in front of them. If they are picky eaters mix a little dry food with wet good and give that to them. Just keep an eye out and make sure they are eating good. Also limit play time and make sure they get plenty of rest.  go to top


I used to paper train puppies before they left. However, some people don't want that, but only want their puppy to go potty outside. Now I leave that up to the new families.

I have a super easy way to housebreak a puppy whether it's paper training, going outside or even litter boxtraining. I'll walk you through it. You won't believe how easy it will be! After a deposit, I'll either talk to you about it on the phone or, if my the short ebook about housebreaking a puppy is ready, I'll send you a copy. I'll also give you a few very important tips on training your new puppy. It makes a huge difference when they are adults.  go to top

Bath time

I always feel it's best to bath puppies at home rather than going to a groomer. It's very easy and usually safer doing it at home. I'll be putting a detailed article on my site on grooming and bathing, shortly.  go to top

Last but not least

Taking care of a puppy is fun, rewarding, and they will just melt your heart. When I talk to a new puppy owner, I like to pass on things that I've learned over the years. I'm constantly learning, reading, going to seminars and dog shows. I help other small breeders and give them tips and of course I'm always learning from others. I'm very much into keeping dogs and puppies healthy with good eating, snacking on healthy treats (never chemical ladden rawhides). I'll be posting super simple recipies. so you can make your own puppy food and treats.

I also suggest a good raw bone. Puppies just love to chew on them. Puppies do like to chew and you don't want them in the habit of chewing on any of your personal things. A good larger bone from the pet store or butcher is very healthy and will help keep teeth clean. go to top