I Want a Puppy to Love

Pickup and Delivery

I only accept cash, due on pick up or delivery. I can take paypal for the deposit only.


You are welcome to come pick your new puppy up in person. Please call ahead of time and we'll schedule a time. If it's not the same day, then call the night before you are to arrive to make sure everything is good and I'll be here.

I usually recieve a deposit on a puppy unless you are coming in a day or two. If that's the case, I'll just hold on to the puppy for you.

Things you will need when you pick up your puppy:

  1. Blanket or towel
  2. Paper towels
  3. A crate if you want to use one.
  4. Though I'll provide water, you will be responsible for providing a bowl or dish.
  5. I'll provide a harness/leash set so that the puppy can go potty outside, during stops on the way home.


Your puppy can also be hand delivered personally. We usuially delivery is to the closest major highway. If you want your new puppy to come directly to your house, there will be an extra charge. The actual amount will vary, depending on your location.

I try to get more than one puppy going to the same area or state. I am not able to deliver your puppy through an airline, unless I fly with the puppy and hand deliver him/her myself. In that case, the cost is the price of a round trip ticket, the airline charge for the puppy to fly in the cabin with me plus any overnight expense if needed.

The last option is to fly into the closest airport to me and pick up the puppy yourself. I can meet you at the airport when you arrive.